Wednesday, May 22, 2013


                      Xena features 21 levels of different challenges featuring everything from standard town and castle combat, to labyrinths, Amazon woman and a visit to Hades domain. In a standard third-person view, Xena wanders around dispatching nefarious characters and collecting various power ups on her journey to the Temple of Pinnacles. Some of the more interesting levels are the earlier ones set in Oebalus where the bad guys are holding hostages and Xena must use a long distance attack to take out the enemy before they off their captives. It's a shame that this game mechanic wasn't used more often in the later levels. Xena uses standard slashing spinning and kicking attacks. Into the mix are added various lever, pulley and jumping puzzles.
                        Within the levels are some quality game design that designers Steve Morris and Kraig Horigan can take credit for. One of the goals of level design is to throw in a challenge which is hard enough to take multiple playings to figure out and yet solvable before the game player throws the controller at the screen in disgust.
                         One example of this is the Isle of Kronos where the Cyclops initially cannot be attacked but must be induced to throw the rocks in the correct direction to reveal not only the exit from the beach but also some needed power ups. The Cyclops is also an example of the varied enemies that feature both monsters from mythology plus creatures and standard humans. The undead that continue to fight even after being hacked to bits is one of the ways in which the game tries to be different.


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