Tuesday, May 21, 2013


                           989 Studios is real hit-and-miss these days. Syphon Filter was fantastic, MLB 2000 is high on the charts, but 3Xtreme, well, it's more of a bomb than da bomb, if you catch my drift. With this being the third in the series, one would make the assumption that the third would be the charm. Or at least damn good. But 3Xtreme is everything that Kelly Flock said was wrong with EA in Next Generation magazine last year: it lacks innovation, fun, and the ability to convince any gamer that it's better than its previous iterations.

This sounds harsh, but one expects great things from 989 Studios, a company that brings us the exceptional Gameday year in and year out, and has the potential to be the Rare of the PlayStation world, or bigger. But with 3Xtreme, it's apparent that another game has been cranked out on late night pizza and Pepsi with little aim, passion, or focus. Numbers not gamers were mind with this stinker.


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