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                   Despite it's complete lack of originality, Crash Bash is a totally fun party game, and one of the few of its kind on PlayStation. How can I have so much contempt for Crash yet still like the game? It's not easy, but videogames have many layers, and Crash Bash is like spiked punch -- it's perfect for a party, as long as you own a multi-tap.
                   Crash follows Mario Party right down the line, and I liked Mario Party. It was a light, board game fun that was great for four people. Many of the games were luck-based and a few were skill-based, but it was like going to the county fair. It's distracting and social and you even up kind of liking it. So... If Crash Bash is Mario Party with different characters, then the only thing to hold me up from liking Crash Bash is whether or not Sony and Eurocomtrashed the game concept, right? Luckily, they didn't.
                   Crash Bash sets gamers up in the familiar Crash universe, in which Crash and his buddies all fight against one another in 30 events that span seven "levels." In Adventure mode, the game strips out the whole game-board concept and just plops you into a menu system. Players pick a game and then fight against three other characters in five to seven minigames in each of seven warp zones. Players win gold cups, gems, and another stone to progress in each Warp Zone before they face off against a Boss. By beating the Boss character in a unique minigame, Crash earns the right to warp to a newer, more intricate set of games. What's quite nice about the game is that despite the repetitive nature of minigames such as Crash Ball, in each level the game is modified into a slightly altered, more dynamic battle. In Warp Zone 2 Crash Ball vehicles have magnetized bumpers and can control the ball, whereas in level 1, they couldn't. It's touches like this that make Crash worth all of the repetition. What's more, you'll get quite good at it in the single-player mode and then you'll have an edge over your buddies when you play in Multiplayer mode.


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