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                   When Dino Crisis split from the Resident Evil series last year, forming its own little mini-genre, "Survival Panic," the resulting product was 1/3 Resident Evil, 1/3 Jurassic Park, and 1/3 confusion. The story, as with all of the great RE games, was great -- filled with suspense and intrigue, and some new techniques and effects for the series, the combination resulted in a neat dinosaur sandwich substitute, kind of like a vege burger. And for anyone who knows what those taste like, well, they're not very, um, satisfying.
                      But that's all in the past now. The clever folks at Capcom have reformulated a brilliant new combination of Resident Evil essentials with Dino Crisis 2, leaning heavily on action and a neat point-reward system that hurls the fledgling series into a new direction. And let me tell you, this is the sh*t. Dino Crisis 2 is a pure action-packed adventure/shooter that satisfies my urge to bloody my shirt with dinosaur guts, all the while weaving a great story with worthwhile characters whom I care about.
                      Stripped of its slow-paced Resident Evil shell and its haunting, creepy shockeroo tricks, Dino Crisis 2 is, simply put, a game about shooting dinosaurs. Lots of them. Blowing them up into big red chunks, and then slashing them while they're on their sides, while squirming to get back on their feet. Frankly, that's what I wanted so badly to do in the first Dino Crisis, but never really got the chance to.
                         If you didn't follow the first Dino Crisis story, then let us fill you in: The mysterious Dr. Kirk, known for his fantastic research into physics and energy, has designed a new energy form that uses the Earth's power without destroying it. His work was far too dangerous and untested and in his development he unleashed a time hole that brought dinosaurs back to Earth. In Dino Crisis, the slim, red-headed member of SORT (Secret Operation Raid Team), Regina, helped to capture Dr. Kirk and send him to prison.
                           One year after her work was believed done, she is sent back to help stop the same experiment that the government this time has unwisely unleashed, creating a menace that's swallowed an entire city. Teamed up with Dylan Morton, a tough blond-headed member of TRAT (Tactical Reconnoitering and Acquisition Team), And David Fork, the humorous cowboy sidekick of sorts (also of TRAT), the three head to Edward City to uncover the mystery behind the sprawling jungle and to uncover crucial research data.


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