Tuesday, May 21, 2013


                                     The plot is very basic. Merlock, an evil wizard, has kidnapped big-time star reporter Daisy Duck during her live video shooting. Donald, who is watching from his TV at home, jumps out of his seat and immediately sets off to rescue her. During the game, he has to proceed through 20 different stages before he can save his snoogy wuggums. To get to her, Donald has to kick and punch his way past an endless array of baddies, such as dogs, sword-swinging madmen, and vicious cobras. In each world, there are four main stages, one boss stage, and one bonus stage. To get to the boss stage, Donald has to complete the four regulars first.
                      The game plays very much like Crash Bandicoot in many of its stages. I've never been the biggest fan of Crash games, but this wasn't bad. Donald's primary directions of movement are up and down. He can move from side to side as well, but he's very restricted by the surrounding terrain. Each level is built up of plenty of enemies, obstacles, and pits. Your goal in each level is one of three things. First, you have to recover the reflector dish. Once you have that in hand, simply find the exit to the stage and you're all set. There are also three toys per area that Huey, Dewey, or Louie have accidentally left behind. If you collect all 12 toys for each world, you'll be able to enter a bonus stage. You can also run the time trial after you've beaten a particular place. Simply run to the end of the stage before the clock runs out to pass.
                        Some stages take a different perspective. Instead of running up and down, they run horizontally and flat. If you're accustomed to Mario and Sonic from back in the days where everything was comprised of pixels, playing these levels should be like a second nature to you. It's nice to see that some developers are giving old, classic gameplay the new-age treatment. These were my favorite levels in the entire game.


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