Wednesday, May 22, 2013


                   Right from the get go, Monkey Magic is all about balance. There is a delicate balance system between the magic, level design, puzzles, control and difficulty.
The magic system centers around four different powers, two pairs that counter each other. For example, the fire magic will set your body ablaze, but the ice magic will cool you off, and vice-versa. The other set of magic will either make you strong or shrink, and the counter will always reverse the effect. It's a system that is deceptively simple, yet can be combined to pass a variety of traps, plus you can opt to use the spells on yourself or another object (yes, even enemies).
                     Speaking of traps, Monkey Magic has some ingenious ones. While they're nothing that hasn't really been done before, the execution of them is fantastic, and creates a difficulty that is perfect for platform experts or novices alike. The abundance of extra lives tends to make the game a little too easy, but again, for less experienced players, it evens the odds.
                      Tricky jumps and split-second timing are negotiated with a tight, responsive control system. Kongo can perform a double-jump to reach high areas, and can do a little Kung Fu fighting. The different magic powers are cycled though with the L2 and R2 buttons and then either used on Kongo or cast at an object with L1 or R1.


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