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Gameplay :  
                       The polygonal, texture-based game situates you as a purple-suited ninja whose mission is to defeat the evil forces that have taken over the land. The story starts with two great warriors, each with massive forces, who have agreed to create peace throughout the land in the pastoral east. One, however, isn't as satisfied with the agreement. He trades his soul to a dark demon who blankets the countryside at night with a nearly-insurmountable force that kills civilians and innocents alike ¿ whomever stands in its way. A lone warrior trained in the ancient Japanese arts takes it upon himself to set things straight.
                       The premise of Ninja, however, isn't necessarily in synch with the style of action in the game. Nothing in this game defends the blatantly un-ninja style of fighting, anti-stealthy action, and complete lack of espionage and assassination. Subtle is not a word we would use to describe Ninja.
                       Despite these facts, Ninja is a solid if uninspired action game that is tricky in parts and presents a consistent challenge. Your man is capable of kicks, punches, lots of combination moves, and an unlimited arsenal of card-like projectiles (I wish I could say they look like Shuriken, but they don't) that resemble credit cards. As he moves throughout the game he picks up even more abilities and power-ups, including swords and the like, as well as bombs, magic, and a kick-butt spinning power move.
                       A list of bosses that resemble hybrid gargoyles and humanoid serpents pepper the missions, and grow increasingly tough to defeat near the game's end. Luckily, your growing list of power-ups enables you to match the bosses' powers as you progress.
                       Ninja, as you may have guessed by now, is a single-player game, that does not take advantage of the dual shock nor does it use the analog controller. These two features it could well have used, seeing as how "ninja" moves in full 3D (technically, he can only move in eight directions), and power blasts or hits from enemies could have enhanced the game's generic feel.

Screenshots : 

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