Wednesday, May 22, 2013


             In this episode, Capcom drops us back into Raccoon City in a kind of prequel/sequel. The time frame takes place in between Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil 2, and stars Jill Valentine (from RE) and newcomer Carlos Oliviera, a renegade Umbrella military personnel, who turns to the light side of the, er, force, as it were. Just hours after the end of Resident Evil, Jill -- who has retired from Stars -- begins to head out of town. But, trapped in town by a new surge of zombies, she must once again relive the horror. Halfway through the story Jill is rendered unconscious by the Nemesis, and Carlos must keep her alive by finding a vaccine. At this point, players take on Carlos, and follow his quest to help Jill. If Carlos succeeds in his search for the vaccine and saves Jill, players will continue playing as Jill.
                        But the usual "zombies running amok in Raccoon City" theme isn't central here. Throughout the game, a creature called the Nemesis chases and fights against you. It's an abomination, a T- or possibly G-Virus created monster with one goal, to kill Stars members until they're all dead, and it's he (is it a he?) that lifts this title above rest. The Nemesis is different than other zombies, as you may have guessed. It's intelligent, to some degree, and can wield a weapon, a big, big weapon. The Nemesis carries around a missile launcher. What's worse is that he can run as fast as you and open doors and follow where ever you go. He should have been named the annoying, relentless mutant Ever-ready Battery freak, but somehow that seems to long. "Your worst nightmare" would have been perfect, too. Ah well, the point is, he's a bad-ass, and he's got plenty of surprises in store for you besides just fast feet and a big gun.
                       The rest, well, isn't quite history yet, but we'll leave it for you to find out on your own.


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