Wednesday, May 22, 2013


                          Players get the chance to take on the role of Rick O'Connell, a foreign legionnaire who, in the awkward likeness of Brendan Fraser, travels back to Hamanaptra with Egyptologist Evelyn Carnahan and her adventurous but greedy brother, Jonathan. I'll skip the whole story since it was indeed the same as the movie, and it's in the manual, too, and if you didn't read that you get the whole intro sequence from the feeble in-game cut-scene intro. The gist of it is this: Evelyn reads a passage from the Ancient Book of the Dead and awakens Imhotep. You start by venturing inside Hamanaptra, the Lost City of the Dead, with Evelyn and Thomas, and it's your task to put him, er, back to sleep.
                         The Mummy is, at its heart, an arcade-style action game with adventure elements. Not the other way around. The game provides you with sense of discovery but it's couched in an action formula, not a wide open, discovery way, so while initially The Mummy seems like Tomb Raider, it's not. It's simple. What happens in The Mummy is that almost everything you need to find is right around you, whether on a ledge nearby, behind a wall that a switch opens, or pretty much in any easy-to-find area. The sense of discovery is made easy and it happens frequently. Again, it's an arcade game.
                         At least one sense of discovery will knock you over the head, however. And that's how often a group of enemies will swarm in on you and pummel you on the head. I found that nine out of 10 times I had just enough or not enough ammo or weaponry to fight off diggers, mummies, zombie workers, and the like. I guess that's where block move comes in. The block function helps when you're fighting an enemy in front of you, not behind. Oh...well, scratch that note, because they lways sneak up from behind you. Seriously, though, the hack-and-hack-some-more mentality of The Mummy, while paralleling the movie, quickly grows repetitive and uninteresting. If there was more time dedicated to smoothing out the 3D engine and the interactions between Rick and his enemimes, the game would have had a little more life to it. This game simply won't drive your imagination very far at all.


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