Wednesday, May 22, 2013


                     Toy Story 2 follows the plot of the movie point for point (not that I've seen the movie already -- the game did a fine job of utterly spoiling the film for me by including cut scene FMV directly from the film, without a single frame of exclusive footage). Woody has been kidnapped, and it is up to Buzz Lightyear and the rest of Andy's favorite toys to rescue him. Unfortunately for Buzz (and the player), your toy gang is rather incompetent, and so you'll spend most of your time rescuing them and doing menial tasks to win their favors rather than venturing forwards with your quest (kind of makes you wonder why the rest of them even went along on the journey). For instance, Mr. Potato Head seems to lose a limb or vital organ on just about every level, and you'll need to find the missing parts for him to gain a special power so that you can race your buddy RC around the level in order to collect a Pizza Token (which, of course, is your only way of getting to the next level). When I have a friend who is facing a life-or-death peril, I'd like to think my buddies would just give me a fricken' pizza token!
                       Actual gameplay in Toy Story 2 is pretty solid. Buzz has a number of mascot moves at his disposal (the stomp out of mid-air, the double-jump, the spin move, the ability to grab edges and pull himself up a wall) in addition to his powerful laser weapon (isn't his laser just an LED?). His gun doesn't auto-aim (the game would have been much better served with some of Syphon Filter's control features), but the weapon control is only occasionally bothersome. Buzz himself controls reasonably well, but the problem is that he just doesn't control as well as Mario, and yet he faces a quest that is just as daunting. 


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