Wednesday, May 22, 2013


                        Two different types of levels make up Treasure Planet's circuit through the galaxy. There are basic platforming levels, which feel a bit like Jaz & Daxter, and levels built around the "Solar Surfer," which feel like the worst imitation of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater ever made.
                         The platforming bits, of course, are the best part, relatively speaking. Our hero can hop and spin with the same aplomb as Naughty Dog's creations, and there's an assortment of fun gadgets used to solve puzzles -- a jetpack to fly for a brief time, cyborg arms to smash things or heft heavy objects. Their chief affliction is a bad case of whatever disease also afflicts most Rare games, that strange compulsion to make the player collect things instead of presenting a genuinely engaging challenge. The game's cast seems to think it terribly important to collect 100 coins and 10 bits of green energy in every level, but I frankly don't give a damn. Thankfully, the majority of the tasks in the later levels are more complex than just "get umpteen of these,"
                     The Solar Surfer bits, which looked like a good time when demo'd in limited form at E3, are pretty awful in their finished form. The first Surfer level almost works, because it presents a linear circuit, rather than attempting to design an effective non-linear level. The holes in the concept start showing at the end of that one, though, when you have to go through an entire lap around the level to try and take a jump just right to grab that very last coin. Then, it all falls down. The non-linear, Tony Hawk-style Surfer levels have terribly limited challenges, dead simple rail-riding mechanics (just press L1 and forward), glitchy collision detection, and inconsistent controls. On top of that, the same case of Rare-itis afflicts these levels as well, with the addition of more imprecise controls when you're trying to grab that one chunk of green energy.


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