Wednesday, May 22, 2013


                   While many a console gamer might enjoy this style of game, fans of turn-based RPGs who enjoy Final Fantasy, Lunar, and heck, even the action-RPG Brave Fencer Mushashi are sure to grow downright bored with it. You see every time Warriors does something well, it does another thing badly. In many respects, Warriors is quite pleasing: it's filled with special lighting, water, fogging and particle effects, the range of textures is hardy, and the amount of items and weapons is abundant. The reward system is generous. The levels occasionally clever designed. The CG is clean and well choreographed. Like I said, it hits the mark in several areas.
                        With Warriors, it's not the clothes on the emperor that causes the trouble, it's the skin and bones themselves. Warriors of Might and Magic has one of the clunkiest, most simplistic fighting systems ever, and a limping framerate and animation system to go with it. And if you want to count the AI, if you can call it that, it also helps to sink the game, too. Along with these elements is a decent story, at best. These are the things that will eventually attempt to dull your senses and numb your wits.
                         OK, that's not terribly nice, but Warriors struck me as fun for about one hour, when I got to encounter all sorts of little puzzles, fought off some demons and skeletons and then collected millions of little gold pieces. Like the PC series Diablo, Warriors is built around the relentless element of collecting, which keeps pushing you to increase your inventory, and to push for the next coolest thing. I was also curious enough to see all of the levels, dungeons, and countless side quests, which were all fun and neat in their own regard, mostly because of their looks and atmosphere, but little else. In fact, when I realized that I was just going to bash the poop out of everything in the same repetitive fashion in an endless dungeon crawl for 10 more hours, the idea of playing for even the next several hours was horrifying.


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